The rise of the necroblog

"Edo, why do you not have a blog? I think you really ought to. You have lots of good ideas when you think you are just derping, and you should share them," she said.

And having no excuse, because I do have a blog (just sadly neglected), I resolved to start sharing those thoughts.

Thank you, Erin, for kicking my ass.

We last embraced before the break of dawn

We last embraced before the break of dawn;
You still are en voyage, if memory serves;
And not a single day have you been gone
Yet - drained, depleted, dry run my reserves
Of cool collection; lost is my composure;
Enervated is my fortitude;
Open are my wounds, for want of closure.
In your wake the world, to voice its mood,
Bids slightly dim my every source of light
And silence of your absence fill my ears;
Bids wails and weeping - then denies my sight
The mercy to be mingled with my tears.
I write the only thing that I can do:
I miss my beloved.
I miss you.