When the silence becomes deafening

With Sister Scorpion having declared a blog fast - and one of my multiple-visits-a-day blogs thus on standby - it occurs to me that I should probably start posting here; but I don't have terribly much to say.

Fox enlisted me for some creative work after class today; it was grueling, but I managed to hash out something that I think will work for her purposes. (Much staring at the screen in frustration was involved.) Getting that completed has been the best thing to happen to me in recent days.

Probably up there with Fox telling me that what I'd look for in a hypothetical wife (the ability to beat me in single unarmed combat three times out of five, given some hypothetical martial arts training on my part; the ability to kick my ass being, in my eyes, a healthy basis for a long-term relationship) really wasn't healthy.

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