The Emerald Setlist

I haven't finished the writeup of the Emerald Set yet; I only have about half of the cards named at all, never mind designed. With that said, I'm posting what is done here as a backup, and to remind myself that this is a work in progress.

In total, the Emerald Set will have 55 cards, because that's how many the Levantine Set has and I'm too damn lazy to consider rewriting a Random Card Generation table myself.

So far, that list runs as follows:

  • The Void (one of the Irregular Arcana)
  • 1. The Ring
  • 2. The Others
  • 3. The Rule (added 6/12/07)
  • 4. The Smith
  • 5. The Soldier
  • 6. The Lovers
  • 8. The Lost
  • 9. The Sword.
  • 10. The Tower
  • 11. The Scales
  • 12. The Hero
  • XIII. Winter (one of the Irregular Arcana)
  • 15. The Crown
  • 16. The Fool
  • 18. The Wheel
  • 23. Death
  • 25. The Cup
  • 26. Spring
  • 27. (one of the Irregular Arcana)
  • 28. The City
  • 29. The World
  • 35. Temperance
  • 36. The Emperor
  • 42. The Night
  • 49. The Staff
  • 50. The Hermit
  • 52. The Fall
  • 53. Judgment
  • 54. The Hidden Treasure
The gaps in the sequence are cards that have no names; I've left them out of the list because the 27th card of the Emerald Set is nameless, and I don't want anybody to nominate a name, no matter how obvious it may be.

Part of what's slowing this whole process down is the way I'm designing the Emerald Set. There's a whole lot of magical thinking, allegory, symbolic thinking and mythopoesis in figuring out what a number should be named, or where a name should go. (The hardest part? Finding names for cards at all.) With the card slotted and at least some of its context understood, I then do a basic writeup of the imagery. Then I bother with the abilities.

This means that it's perfectly normal for a card to grant abilities that, on the surface at least, have nothing to do with the card itself. (The Lovers will be a case in point when I bother to get it statted out.)

It also means that, without the card illustration, I'm often pretty much helpless.

This slows down everything quite a bit.

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