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Mage: the Awakening Path Quiz
Your Result: Mastigos
You're a Mastigos, a warlock, awakened to the watchtower of the iron gauntlet, in the realm of Pandemonium, the place of demons. You hold mastery over the Mind and Space arcanum.
Mage: the Awakening Path Quiz
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I will say this very bluntly: new Mage is an abomination. Atlantis? The Supernal World, separated from ours by a wizards' war? Piss on that. Give me back the Ascension War, the Nine Spheres, and the glorious insanity of consensus-based reality.

Give me back the Cult of Ecstasy and the Order of Hermes. I grokked the Order of Hermes, in serious ways; I actually took the old Tradition Book for 'em and followed up on it, reading through as much of the recommended-reading list as I could dig up in the Five College library system.

But yeah. I guess it's some comfort knowing that I'd be an infernalist mindfucker.

(Although it's much easier to mindfuck somebody with Death 3 - simply rip their soul out of your body, keep it in your basement for a few months, and watch as their Morality drops to sociopathic lows and the Derangements start piling up. Now that's what a real Warlock would do.)

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