Things I would do as King of the World

Meme stolen quite blatantly from Tiel Aisha Ansari, whose blog I really need to read much more.

The prompt was, "My first act as Queen/ King of the World will be..."

Enact all odd-numbered (and every third even-numbered) article in Tiel's list, because she's awesome like that.
Call my guitar heroes and arrange lessons.
Force Justin to get his ass up here so we can jam. If necessary, provide him with a new bass as incentive.
Begin reclamation projects across the Sahara.
Finish what the Levelers started; turn the world upside down and paint it black.
Dissolve my post.

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Uncle Glenny said...

I don't know how I got here, but it's apropos:

I was going to start my own thread, on my own blog which I'm not sure still exists, and surely no one reads, on the 'If I were emperor of the universe...' theme.

All drawers in a kitchen (everywhere, in fact) may not have vertical space higher than the front opening.

I just had a kitchen 'junk' drawer jam because of shifting contents. No opening whatsoever.

It seemed the alternative was to disassemble the cabinet. Which would have required unbolting it from the wall. Which would have necessitated removing the drawer which didn't open.

Fortunately, three days of glaring at it caused either divine intervention or brownian motion to rearrange the contents sufficiently that I was able (barely - I got scraped) reach in and remove the offending pasta tongs.

I now have new priorities for when I become Emperor of the Universe.