Introducing Andalusada

Why haven't I posted on this blog in the last, oh, year?

Because I've been busy with other stuff instead. Like Andalusada.

Andalusada! What is Andalusada? Who can tell you what Andalusada is?

Andalusada is an alternate history I've been writing, stretching across about 800 years (1081-1930.) This is, obviously, a hell of a lot of time, and correspondingly there's a hell of a lot of research that needed (and still needs) to be done. My outlines are broken and embarrassingly Eurocentric, especially because when you save a civilization in the Middle Ages you wind up changing a LOT of things down the line.

There's also a hell of a lot of fragments of stuff.

A historic figure from its history, which would be so wonderful if only I knew how to justify them existing. (Like Saint Sakura, for instance.)
Or some musing about some random detail of the world, at some point in its history, which I'd love to show off but have no way to tie into any complete work without space-wasting exposition. (Foodways, for instance. Or music. Or the perennial favorite of gun calibers.)
Open-ended questions that I'm wondering about, and have nobody to derp with.

Stuff like that.

Those fragments are going here. Or, at least, on a scrapbook, designed for this very purpose (otherwise the tags would get inordinately cluttered with verse-specific stuff.)

Just thought you might like to know, is all.

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