Glossary of Andalusada

This is a placeholder. Because it's going to be constantly evolving, it's worth putting here specifically to avoid cluttering up the Andalusada blog itself. (On a more venal note, it's also a reminder not to neglect this blog either. As I visibly and shamefully have.)

With that said, here goes.

America, n. North America. (Originally it was al-Aqsa al-Amriki, but the full name didn't survive the transition to Latin.)

Backbiting, n. Character assassination; libel; muckraking; investigative journalism; journalism in general.

Biladi, adj. n.
  1. Andalusi Arabic. Of, from, or pertaining to the New World.
  2. Aqsi. Of, from, or pertaining to the Old World, in particular Andalusia.
Bruce Bay, n. Hudson Bay.

Cabralia, n.
  1. South America. (Named by Cabral during his circumnavigation of the world, after himself.)
  2. Brazil, which originally was Lusophone Cabralia at the beginning.
Carolines, n. The Philippines (less Luzon.)

Ezo, n. Hokkaido.

Guaquaquite, n. Hispaniola. (Named al-Waqwaq by the Moorish explorers before they realized that it couldn't possibly be the place Ibn Kurdadhbi was talking about; later had the -ito diminuitive added to it in the translation to Moorish.)

Kannagara, n. Shinto; more generally any indigenous Japonic religious beliefs, including those of the Ainu. (For nationalist reasons, the Japanese Empire favors Old Japanese over on'yomi to describe Japonic cultural phenomena.) adj. Kannagaran.

Karafuto, n. Sakhalin Island.

Oyashima, n. What we call "Japan" IRL; specifically the Home Islands. (Because of diaspora politics, the Home Islands do not have a monopoly on Japonicity.)

Sansing, n. A single-edged, forward-curved sword used primarily in Central Europe.

Shugembo, n. Japonic. A Franciscan friar.

Skopetchka, n. Russian. A sawed-off rifle.

Stockholm Syndrome, n. Combat stress disorder. (So named after the Battle of Stockholm, a great many of whose survivors suffered from it.)

Takasago, n. Taiwan. adj. Takasagonian, Takasagonese.

Vinland, n. Newfoundland.
Vinland Firth, n. The Gulf of St. Lawrence.

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