This week in Andalusada blogging: 6/9/2012

In the beginning, I wrote "Not much killing this week." That was wrong; this week was when, to the best of my memory, I first seriously discussed the Thousand Days, which more than decimated Sweden. But the most important things I wrote about this week, I feel, were about writing:
There's also a fair bit of cleaning up that needs to happen, and I've done just a little bit of it:
Also unusually, most of my writing foreshadows other, bigger things that are going to merit writing about in the near future:
  • The Günther Bible's mention of the Opus Transtulit? Right now, that links to the Textus Receptus, the closest equivalent IRL. I have a stub on how the Opus Transtulit came to be, but it's turned into a sprawling thing about historiography, and how people ITTL think of what we'd call "the Renaissance." (And it's going to involve Hungary.)
  • The Günther Bible, and the Farrellite dynasties, are both going to need a related post about how the Catholic Church responds to vernacular Scripture.
  • There are stories to write, already, about why the Manazil format came to be. Just waiting to be written. I'm not sure what, but they're there.
  • The Skete of Orsa is, to my knowledge, the first mention of the Thousand Days, which are huge and need a bit of outlining to explain them. It's also the first to mention the sacking of Sweden, which means that it's almost time to discuss Russian revolutionary science!: dieselpunking, and the Technical Censors, and all of that.
  • "Stockholm Syndrome" established that there was the Battle of Stockholm, the details of which need to be spelled out, because it's the in-verse equivalent of the Battle of Stalingrad.
  • A few other pages have already started to touch on rocketry, so I should also spell out a brief history of that, which evolves a bit differently from IRL.
If you have any preferences about what you want to read first, let me know.

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