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It's no secret that I write more on the Andalusada Scrapbook than I do here. (In three months, its hit count is rapidly closing with this one's in its entire existence.) Andalusada is my folly and my vanity; I can write whatever I want there, whenever I want there, however I want there, confident that pretty much nobody's going to actually read it.

It's why so much of it's so utterly irrelevant: because on a lot of days what I think is interesting to write about is stuff like, say, hats, or liturgical minutiae, or why Polish-Ruthenian zubrowka isn't considered vodka - and not bigger stuff, like, say, the existence of Poland-Ruthenia. I know a lot of broad strokes already, and it's more interesting for me to fill in the small details rather than the big ones even though the big ones would make the entire thing more accessible and complete.

So last week, somewhat grudgingly, I sat down to start writing what would eventually become my introduction of the Takasagonese people. And something occurred to me.

Specifically, it occurred to me that the only ethnicity I'd heretofore introduced had been the Montagnards, on 5/13 - and edited, piecemeal, for a month until I'd gotten bored with it, as if I'd been playing with my food. And it would be the 13th on Friday, and... you know, if I post this on Friday, I'll have all two of my ethnicities posted on the same day of the month.

That realization colored my Takasagonese writing quite a bit, right up to the ending:
Afterward: Because ethnicities take work, I'm not gonna write another one until August 13th, at which point I'm going to introduce another part of the Japonic diaspora: the Meammosiran Cossack Host, first mentioned in the Russo-Japanese War.
I've been meaning to do regular writing; most of my Thankless Days, Dreamless Nights regular writing is meant to be frequent, though. But a monthly thing? That's new, and that's unprecedented. And I'm going to do that for Andalusada, because I can commit to writing that regularly and that often.

After all, I write more on the Andalusada Scrapbook than I do here.

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