This week in Andalusada blogging: 8/4/2012

The Andalusada Scrapbook has had, as of when I started writing, 1666 hits; it's rapidly closing on this blog itself, several years its senior. (Lesson from there: post more regularly.)

So let's start with what's new:
  • "The only new stub that I have to announce," I said last week, "is about Mahdism... It's going to be up first, because it's relevant to a lot of things later on down the line." For the first time in the history of announcing upcoming stubs, I was right. The first post of the day, on July 30th.
  • I really love posting nations, especially New World nations. Also on the 30th, I introduced Axamalia, or Axamalla, or whatever the hell it's called. Hispano-Baltic Texas.
  • Hispano-Baltic Texas (hereafter HBT) didn't just form itself. First, it had to break away from Mexico - one of the giant, space-filling empires that I've acknowledged but never actually written anything about before. So on the last day of July, I posted the G.P. of Mexico.
  • On the next day, 8/1/2012, the first of August, I introduced what (thematically) should have been posted on April 5th: the state that almost the entirety of Andalusada was building up to. I posted the Umayyad Caliphate of New Andalusia. It's the stubbiest of my national posts by far, for the simple reason that it's such a big topic, and I didn't manage to get anything else done that day because I was so busy searching through the blog and linking it to every post that mentioned it already.
  • After some really big-stroke posts like that, I started to write another fluffy one. At that point, though, I stopped - and, seeing how I'd already blogged the Great Realignment and several of the nations that came out of it this week, went on to write one of the few wars whose details I was really certain about: the Mexican Liturgical War.
And on the sixth day, today, I'm not posting anything; I'm just going to go back through the last week or so, clean things up and expand on them.

There's been no significant editing this week, at least not yet, and so skipping past that I can discuss some of the things that may come up in the week to come:
  • Given that I've already blogged about the Three Wise Men, and Tex-Mex history a bit, it stands to reason that I should probably blog about the New World's domestic dynasty: the House of Sansinger. That would involve posting about the Grand Principality of Brazil, the House of Sansinger itself, and a bit more in-depth about (at least) its two founding fathers, Oscar I of Mexico and Kaspar I of Brazil.
  • That, in turn, would finally run me out of excuses, and give me enough established background, to write a post that I've been meaning to write for some time now: Latin American beer styles.
And so, dear reader, I think I have my work planned out for me this upcoming week. Thank you.

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