This fortnight in Andalusada: 9/15/2012

It's been two weeks since the last time I blogged about Andalusada. I have an excuse: last week I was driving into (and then driving home from) Pennsylvania, suffering a cold, and generally not writing about Andalusada very much anyways.

So it's been another fortnightly update here, and a very Russian one at that.
  • September 6th saw the first post, "Christianities of Andalusada." I'll spare you the list of what it's about, because it was mostly about lists. (See for yourself.)
  • September 6th also saw a post on the Eugenian calendar, because it was relevant to the writing about Great Russia and stuff that was going on in my head at the time.
  • Seeing that I'd mentioned him many times, and that he's a pivotal figure in Russian history, and that I'd been writing about his calendar so much, I created a placeholder for Evgeny I yesterday...
  • ...and today saw me start a new taxonomy, of the collapse and schism of Russian Orthodoxy.

As always, there was a fair bit of editing involved, but I haven't been paying a hell of a lot of attention to where it all goes, so here's what I definitely remember:
  • Farrellitism got amended a bit to acknowledge the existence of the Russian Farrellites. (Incidentally, "Russian Orthodoxy after Tsarism" doesn't mention the Farrellites at all.)
  • Evgeny the Old got his page reorganized a bit to clarify some details (for instance, that he reintroduces the Patriarch.)
  • Russian Old Calendarism started off as actually being about Old Calendarism, but over time was corrupted into being something about the New Calendar instead. Now that a page exists for the Eugenian calendar, it's been overhauled, making it more specifically about the Old Calendarist movement within the Russian Empire.
  • Poland-Ruthenia got some amendments, first to pimp Evgeny the Great, but secondarily to flesh out the details of the Uniate church, and (after that) to emphasize the New World Baltic diaspora it creates during the Pomeranian Reductions.
There is more, of course, but this ought to be quite enough for now.

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