This week in Andalusada: 9/29/2012

It's been an incredibly bad day for me in a lot of respects, but at least I can save the work on this a bit: not only have I been awesomely productive with it, but I've also Pretty much immediately after I was done posting the last weekly review on Saturday, I started writing for this week, which is unusual - usually I try to take at least one day off.
  • The first post was for Oskar Sansinger. I don't know much about him, but I do know his name; it's enough to start writing with.
  • The second, also on Saturday, was the first post on the Scrapbook to have no tags at all: "Best Practices: tagging and titling." It's more of a note to myself (and an introduction to the insane mess of labels over there), setting some guidelines down for better writing in the future.
  • Because I'd been furiously editing everything related to the House of Sansinger on Monday, and because the details of the war were scattered throughout several pages, I created a master page for the Axamallan Revolt that evening.
  • After a discussion with Rob (in which he mentioned the role of the nebulous "Grand Princess [who?]"), I wrote a biography for her, settling on a name for the lady: Grand Princess Teresa.
  • And because it was one of the few names that I'm aware of, and I'd mentioned the Cordoveros before, I wrote up a stubby biography for Don Musa as well, raising the population of named Andalusians to three.
  • I skipped out on a social event Wednesday. Instead, I wrote some of the details into Teresa Maria's life, and in particular into one specific part of her life: the Christianization of Mexico.
  • The last post this week was on Thursday, when (in keeping with other things) I posted the Greater Japanese Empire, allowing me to hyperlink everything else to it.
That's what I have to show for my week, and if that was all I did it'd be enough. It wasn't.

More below the cut:

This week in editing

The editing started on Sunday, actually:
  • The House of Sansinger got an inordinate amount of attention. 
    • Writing in the Guise succession: After bouncing the idea of a Guise succession off A. (who loved it), I had to write it into several pages. It involved an edit of Mexico, *Texas, Oscar I, and the House of Sansinger to keep the details unified, and eventually spiraled into
  • National expansions: Mexico was also edited, to include a random derpy detail I came up with talking to Rob on Saturday (that its legislature is more powerful than it looks on paper, because it simply ignores the rules to get things done.)
    • France got the same treatment, tying a few loose ends together (although some of it applies more relevantly to the House of Guise, which merits its own succession issue.)
    • Brazil was edited to write in some details about the formation of the House of Sansinger.
  • National reforms:  Dystopian Catholic France was reformatted, initially to put "Dystopian Catholic France 101" above the cut, but then to explain why I made it significantly worse than France IRL. Once I did that, several other nations got the same treatment, primarily the ones that didn't have enormous introductions beforehand.
    • Some of them, like Gran Peru, were reworked to better fit the 101's salient details above the cut.
  • URL changes: War reforms: Because I've been trying to make the Andalusada Scrapbook more readable, I edited (I know not when) the Axamallan Revolt to include Wikipedia's basic sidebar information.

Formatting changes

Following my own best practices, some things were edited significantly:
  • What was once a post on "Sufyan and the Sufyanid dynasty" has been simply renamed "The Sufyanids." (It also got retagged a bit, specifically to count as both Umayyad and Yusufid.)
  • Just off the top of my head, the CRC's page was amended to be the CRC, because acronyms should be like that.

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