This week in Andalusada blogging: 10/20/2012

Actual new pieces:

Monday: Since I've been on a GURPS trip this last week or so, GURPS Low-Tech has been getting attention from me as well. Since I've had the idea bouncing around in my head for quite some time, and had already written up the sansing last fortnight, I (for no reason other than to maintain a regularity of posting) spat out the other world-specific sword I'm aware of: the esbat.

Tuesday: Monday night was spent reading, trying to figure out naming conventions for things and discovering something interesting: the medieval Abbey of Grandmont. To that end, on Tuesday I introduced St. Matilda, the *Dominican equivalent of St. Clare.
  • And when I was done with that, I introduced a fractious, squabbling order that provides the springboard for the Gonzalans: the Order of St. Stephen.
  • And, building on something I haven't thought about until the night before, I introduced a brand name to Andalusada: ACP.
  • And, once that was done, to one of the very few people I know nothing about in Andalusada: Guillermo I, the first fictional king of 11th-century Iberia.
  • And once that was done, I started some historiography again, in the form of what was at first titled "Plebeian Cabralia." It's changed names several times since then, but as long as the url stays .../early-brazil.html it says everything that really needs to be said.
Thursday: Thursday saw me do the single biggest dot-connecting thing I've done in weeks: not just a post, but an outline of the Burning Thirties, and of course the dot-connecting that follows something like that.
  • On a similar note, I created a page for something else that's been referenced enough to merit its own page: the Order of Saint Gonzalo.
Friday: Friday saw only one post worth mentioning: Go-guns, Andalusada's stand-in for the SMLE.

So that's the new stuff. Now let's see what's been improved:
  • Sunday: The article on Chinese six-guns is complete. Everything that needs saying in there has been said, except maybe for a list of its notable users. The article on 8.8mm has been expanded a bit too. 
  • Monday: I edited in a bit about the Grandmontines into St. Gonzalo's biography.
  • Tuesday: More editing of St. Gonzalo - a partial cleanup of his biography, which was expanded to mention St. Matilde.
  • Wednesday: Another edit of the Stephanines, this time doing something that I've never actually done before: citing external sources beyond Wikipedia.
Thursday: This is the big one, because I've been doing a hell of a lot of it:
  • A spelling reform. The name of the second Wise Man is Baltazar. The cause is Baltazarism. The country is "Balthasaria," because Latinization, that's why.
  • What I've written down in the post of the Burning Thirties is being added into the pages they cite. This has led, for instance, to a few people getting their dates added to the top of their posts. Evgeny IV, I'm looking at you. You too, Teresa Maria.
  • Oh, and speaking of Evgeny IV: his URL now follows my own standards. So does St. Gonzalo's, and every link on the Scrapbook goes to the right places.
  • Cabralia got tampered with a bit, to specifically implicate it in bootlegging from ACP.
Friday saw a lot of editing too, to wit:
  • A considerable expansion of the Gonzalans.
  • Editing of Sts. Matilda and Gonzalo, and of the Stephanine Order, to discuss last night's discovery that they are the renegade cops of Christendom. (This was a significant expansion of both their biographies.)
  • "The Takasagonese" have had their URL changed a bit; all links to them have been amended.
  • "Instead of 9mm" has been expanded a fair bit (although it's still very much a WIP); I'd focused so much attention on the changes to pistol caliber that I'd neglected the rifle end of it.
  • Esbats have been drastically overhauled, to make it somewhat intelligible and informative.

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