This week, in Andalusada...

Something that's bothered me for awhile now has been my single most consistent bit of writing here: a weekly chance to show off all the work that I've done with Andalusada. I was bothered, most of all, by the fact that it was making my tags a lot less useful: not only was it using two categories of tags, "Andalusada" and "week in review," but there were so many of them that it was becoming a pain in the ass to actually find anything that wasn't related to them.

Well, no more: in a vain attempt to get Thankless Days, Dreamless Nights a bit more love, I've gone back in time and edited all of those posts (and this Saturday's upcoming one) to a new and obvious tag, "This week in Andalusada."

That's pretty much it, world. You may now resume your regularly-scheduled ignoring of this blog. Thank you.

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