This week in Andalusada: 11/10/2012

Last week was unimpressive. This one, at least, got off to a better start.

Saturday, 11/3/2012

The first thing that was posted was a serial killer, whom I'd discussed with R. last week while derping about revolver designs that never really took off.
  • While I was at it, I revised Mahdism a very little bit, not only to mention him but to specify that the Third Mahdist War was fought over a Spanish attempt at Reclamation.
  • ...and then had to revise Reclamation, where I'd called that conflict the Second Mahdist War instead.
 And so to bed.

Sunday, 11/4/2012

First post of Sunday was New Toledo, or however it's gonna be spelled in the long run.
  • At that point, I tweaked Yusuf I to mention what I knew about New Toledo (the brick-and-limestone Alcazar), and cleaned up the parts about the Grand Survey...
  • ...and edited Don Musa, to mention that he oversees the relocation of the capital during the Six Weak Caliphs era.
  • That done, I started to write up the Second Mahdist War, which involved some more editing of Yusuf I to put it into the right period of his life...
  • ...and, after that, some edits to Mahdism in general, to correct the details I'd just retconned by writing about the Mahdist War in more detail.
  • At that point, I also went back to edit the Guerillas of Toleto, originally just to fix the spelling. The changes wound up being a fair bit more substantial than that; I was able to lift some details of Gonzalanism and fit them in flawlessly, for instance, and got around to explaining why the Guerillas ended in the 1500s. (More than just the New World; the Sodality was involved too.)
  • And, tying everything together, I introduced a new state: the Crown of All Spains. (And France.) The next half hour or so was spent linking through everything that mentioned it.
And so to bed.

Monday, 11/5/2012

My first post of the day was one I'm embarrassed about. I'll probably delete it at some point, once I find something better to recycle it into, but for the moment it'll stay.
  • My second post, however, was spontaneous, totally unexpected, and delightful to write. I even went back and edited some earlier  specifically to use "three-line" terminology.
  • The Warsaw School was one of those posts. While I was at it, I pared it down a bit.
  • Go-guns were another; unlike the Warsaw School, though, it was expanded.
  • As an afterthought, I tweaked Japan's post to mention that they have a background in shipbreaking. Not sure why it matters, but I'll tie it into things some day...
Some further writing on the Maroons (they're gonna be a long time coming), and I was to bed.

Wednesday, 11/7/2012

Because of certain political events that will not be discussed here, Tuesday was absolutely unproductive on this front, but Wednesday saw me write up something substantial. I blame Gurkani 'Alam.

Occasionally, trying to fill in details, I copy somebody else's style for a bit. After repeated attempts to type up a "Differences"-style section, I hammered out the following line: "Non-Chalcedonianism is outré, and the hip thing for the adventuring type." Based on that one line, I spun off a new trope: the Heretical Hero.
  • Once I was done hammering that out, the same line covered another thought: the Missionaries of Hegemony. (A huge amount of time was spent editing and re-editing that name, trying to find a better one for them. In hindsight, if I'd typed up the trope first rather than the organization, I would've saved a lot of time that night.)
  • After that was done, I tweaked St. Matilda to mention her unlikely descendants.
And so to bed.

Friday and Saturday, 11/9-10/2012

I started two things yesterday, neither of which were completed until today.
  • The first of them was Eugen Orff, a memetic badass, Heretical Hero, and generally colorful character for the sake of Andalusada. I'd first mentioned him on Wednesday, but it took me some time for the concept to congeal.
  • The second was a Friday creation that didn't get typed up until today: the Ryalkirk rifle.
  • Once I posted Orff, I had to go back and revise the Heretical Hero a touch, having changed the roles of Eugen and Theodor. ("Ted of Egypt" sounded silly.)
And so back to blogging.

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