This week in Andalusada, 11/17/2012

This week was much less productive than I'd hoped it would be. A big part of that was because of something that hasn't happened much before: posting on both of my blogs about convergent topics, which occupied most of my week because it took so long to write.

Saturday, 11/10/2012

Yes, I mentioned it last week too, but I got one further post up before the library closed: the Maud Missionary, which I should've written last week. (Or not.)
  • Seadling got edited a fair bit, to incorporate what I know about both Japanese pistol cartridges and to incorporate some details about Seadling as an ammunition company.
  • Hispano-Baltic Texas had its foreign affairs rewritten, to state that it has some historic ties to Taiping China through Ross.
And so to bed.

Monday, 11/12/2012

The one thing I managed to post today was a work in progress if ever there was one: the Lisbon Meridian. It's fractured, it introduces things I have no way to link to, it introduces tags I have nothing else for ("Portugal" most notably)... it's a hot mess.
  • So what else did I do? I revised the Maud Missionary a bit. And when that was done...
  • ...I totally overhauled khalwa, to the extent of changing the URL. By the time I was done, it was so much shorter and denser it merited a status change to stub.
  • After that was done, I linked it to the House of Umayya, and cleaned that up a bit for brevity. Goodbye, bullet-pointed list of reasons why Umayyad claims to Hishamite succession are implausible. You won't be much missed.
  • While I was at it, I rewrote the legacy of Umayyad Seville a bit too, to establish that for all the good things said about it, it was basically a dark age that doomed the metropole.
  • That was based off the comment on Yusuf I's page, that he's the first truly great caliph the modern House of Umayya produced. While I was at it, I added some details: linking him to  April 5th, specifying that his first wife dies in 1811, and changing the periodization a bit.

Tuesday, 11/13/2012

Exactly one thing got posted on Tuesday: Andalus itself, and the beginning of my retrospective on that first concept outline. The rest of that time was spent, for the most part, outlining a MBTI-based revelation, the final form of which can be read here.
  • And a fateful, crucial edit of Don Musa's page, to mention (somewhere) that he was ESTJ.
And so to bed, really.

Thursday-Friday, 11/15-16/2012

The only post I have to show for these two days was about Yusuf III, the UCNA's current caliph. Thursday was spent posting him; Friday, filling him out a bit.

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