This week in Andalusada, 12/8/2012

Sunday, 12/2/2012

After a derpy comment to R. last night, my first edit of the day was an expansion, and then a rearranging, of the 8.8mm page.
  • This led to an edit of ACP, to mention that 8.8x53mm ACP was now a cartridge...
  • I also planned to link the Black Friars into the mythos of the Palace of Granada, but while I was doing so I accidentally reverted it to a draft. Since I wasn't sure what it was called, I renamed it "the Winchester Alhambra," which is now its new URL.
  • Once that was done (and all the links to it were corrected), the next thing on my to-do list was to fill out the Black Friars themselves. Which was done, linking them (again) to the palaces of Granada.
  • Next up on the editing list: the Second Mahdist War, to establish that al-Mahdi dies on April 5th, 182?. Once that was done, the next thing to edit was (unsurprisingly) April 5th.
  • After that, my next edit was to the Occidentals, filling out some details about their relations with the Mozarabs and inventing a small number of them that emigrated after the Sodalite Revolt.
Having filled that in, I posted my one new post of the day: the Sodalite Revolt itself. It's still very WIPpy, but that's to be expected.
  • Which called for a significant cleanup of the Sodality itself.
  • And, in turn, an expansion of the post on Dystopian Catholic France to mention the Bastard Prince, and the occasion of his bastardy.
And so to bed.

Tuesday, 12/4/2012

The first post of the night was on caliphal succession in the UCNA. It was a post I've had brewing for some time now, but I didn't actually fill it out in any detail until tonight; it's quite a bit of fun, sorting out the pageantry and process of a caliphal succession.
  • The next thing to do was to edit all three Yusufs. Initially, this was simply changing the words from "Timeframe" to "Life," but it got progressively bigger, as I moved a lot of details below the cut to make the page a bit less cluttered.
  • Zahra got a few touch-ups; mostly marking that she was a work in progress, and so forth.
  • Sufyan then took up almost the rest of my night. Initially I edited him just to add his dates in, but it turned into a grueling expansion as I cleaned up an ancient, awful post to sort out and flesh out the details of his life.
  • Don Musa was edited slightly, although I know not how at this point.
And, with that written, so to bed.

And astonishingly enough, that was basically it for the week.

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