This week in Andalusada blogging: 6/23/2012

In this last week there have been all of five new posts:
Four guesses where my attention was this week.

The other focus of my attention was on cleaning, specifically to reduce the number of things that I could call "works in progress":
  • The Montagnards, my most edited page, was cleaned up again: their religious identity overlapped way too much with ordinary dynastic Farrellitism.
  • That derp about wraps vs. sandwiches got cleaned up a bit too; shortened to get it off the "works in progress" list. (Also to de-orphan it a bit.)
  • Last fortnight's update got a hyperlink, for the sake of Sternbildung.
There are some things I could work on but I don't think I know what to do with them.
  • Taiping history itself. The Military Chronicle of the Beautiful Marshal (I'm sorry) is deeply historic; but what was Taiping history? Where did it start? Where did the Lightning Cross come from? Who, for that matter, is the Lei who replaces Hong Xiuquan?
  • Prereqs for Taiping history. IRL the Taipings only happened because there were Protestant missionaries to make it happen. (Catholics had almost no hand in it other than providing some quirky translations for the Protestants to publish en masse for the Taipings to incorporate.) And that's cool... but in a world like Andalusada, where Anglicanism almost certainly doesn't exist, where the hell are the missionaries coming from?
  • Gun markets. Originally the Chinese six-gun was a specific model, the "Colt Chinese Army." Sans Col. Colt, what's the alt history of the gun market? Because they have to come from somewhere.
  • The Great Translation mentions in passing that there's an exchange of texts between "Moorish" and "Western" cultures. What does that look like?
So yeah, just another week of raising more questions than I answer. But it's good to have something to show.

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