This week in Andalusada blogging: 6/30/2012

Last week was Chinese week on Andalusada. This week is much more French:
Not an enormously productive week, because I was busy blogging here instead.

And only a few small edits:
  • Oliver Farrell got an edit, to clearly indicate that he has two Bibles to his name and to cross-reference it with the Opus Transtulit.
  • Farrellitism got a bit of a cleanup too, to spell out "Romandy" a bit more.
Thoughts for next week:
  • Some extended derp about the Farrellite Biblical canon may be in order. Or not. Depends on whether anybody cares.
  • Because I started touching on the chansons de geste (and the cantar de gesta tradition), you know what else may be in order? Actually outlining what Rodrigo Diaz does all the way back there at the beginning. That sort of thing is going to have a literary impact, to say the least.
  • I started derping out a little bit about Korea; should I write some further thoughts on the emergence of the Korean Orthodox Church?
...and there are other further thoughts, had I the sleep last night to think them. I pronounce this week reviewed.

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