This fortnight in Andalusada: 10/13/2012

The fortnight since my last post was (forgive me) a hell of a week. If anybody actually visits this and cares, forgive me. I've had my reasons.

But it hasn't been entirely unproductive:
  • The first post of the month was a biography, specifically of Sufyan, he of the thirty-odd kids and the family named after him.
  • The next day or so was dedicated to cleaning up Urraca and, just as much, blogging about some things that I actually could write about substantially: real Iberian people.
  • And then the Church of Hungary, partly to elaborate on what it is, partly to get down some thoughts on Hungary's history during the late medieval era.
  • Tuesday last saw me increase my workload a fair bit (as if it wasn't increased enough by permanent changes to Mandarin) by a bit of simple cyphering of Polish orthography.
  • Wednesday saw me make my last significant post, hammering out a character archetype that I've had bouncing around in my head for quite some time: the Taiping Princess.
    • And, as a side effect of introducing her, defining what I mean by "skopetchka."
 I've lost track of the amount of editing that I've done, but here's at least a bit of it:
  • My main impetus for writing the Church of Hungary was because I'd riffed off Russo-Hungarianism in "Post-Tsarist Orthodoxy," which was dutifully linked to it - and, more importantly, rearranged to make it more concise and specific to Andalusada.
  • Similarly, the Church of Hungary was edited to tie into the Great Translation, which in turn foreshadows it. (It was also expanded a fair bit, being to - again - make it more concise, and also to specifically reference some of the developments that led to the Church of Hungary being the way it is.)
  • The Skete of Orsa got a bit of love too, if only to tie its Orthodox connections into the general mess that was post-Tsarist Orthodoxy.
  • Last night, while working out the details of the Taiping Princess, I edited her description to specifically mention Chinese six-guns. While I was there, I cleaned it up, specifically expanded on it, and linked it around a bit more to make it less of an orphan.
  • Wednesday night also saw me edit Taiping breastbinding, simply to make the URL shorter. I haven't expanded on it at all; just tweaked the URL. (And while I was on the "Taiping" tag, it occurs to me that I have room to significantly expand on the few posts I've written for it.)

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