This week in Andalusada: 10/28/2012

I'm not sure how to separate the editing from the original writing here, so fuck it, I'm lumping these together. Let's take it from the top.


Sunday night was spent on gun porn: first and foremost, trying to fill out the details on Go-guns...
  • ...but then writing in some details on skopetchkas too...
  • ...and adding, and changing the layout very slightly, to derping more about 8.8mm, which was still disgracefully written as of when I signed off that night.
That's all I can honestly remember at this point.


Monday saw me introduce at least one new thing: modern Pomerania. With this post, Pomerania's become the second state in the verse (after the G.P. of Cabralia) to merit two blog posts for different eras - although to be fair, Pomerania's a very different place in both eras.
  • Contemporaneous with this post was a significant revision of the Burning Thirties, which has now become exhaustive (and long) enough to no longer merit the damnable "work in progress" tag.
  • Various spontaneous details as I wrote in the Burning Thirties - that Oskar's son is named Carlos, for instance, or that the guy who crashes his wedding is one Gen. Adler - were added where they belonged, which involved editing Teresa Maria, Oskar, Mexico, *Texas, their war, both Cabralias, and a few others besides.
  • The long-neglected G√ľnther Bible was edited very slightly, to include some terminology. It's still very fluffy, but I've made my first edits to the Biblical canon tonight.
  • A number of wars were edited for stylistic reasons, mostly to put more hyperlinks in the boring parts at the top of the entry.
  • After some thinking, I added an addendum to Gran Peru, observing how much I've wanked it (by making it into something roughly the size of Argentina.)
And that's all I can honestly remember at this point.


Trying to expand on modern Pomerania, I posted about service-based suffrage, an idea that hasn't gone anywhere significant since.
  • I think I also edited the Polish-Ruthenian Commonwealth to mention the incredible violence of their Sejm, linking it back to TV Tropes to emphasize the point. I know I also edited
If I did anything more substantial than that on Tuesday, I have no recollection of it.


Although it wasn't actually posted until the next morning, I wrote up a happy, derpy thought: the Sanjak of Jerusalem. I say "happy" because the metaphor of "Beiyang Turkey" got a giant "FUCK" from the one person I know with an appreciation of recent Chinese history; that means that there's room to play with this stuff.
  • ACP got edited a bit. Its product selection was cleaned up, and the fluff about the 09/19 being mostly used for suicides (and subalterns packing heavier heat) was added.
  • UCNA calibers got reworked a fair bit too: broken up, rearranged, and extensively expanded, with .44-77 Sharps reworked into the happily alliterative .49-94. More significantly, the distinction between "H11" and "H13" was added in, foreshadowing my work on the next day...


Now this was a productive day for me, starting with an expansion of the H11/H13 thing into a post of its own.
  • Then, when I was done with that, I remembered that I was building towards something, and wrote a post on a war caused by that controversy.
  • And, as a breather, it occurred to me that I should write another trope, along the lines of the Taiping Princess. I've been meaning to write "The Backbiting Journalists" for awhile now, but without an expansion of "backbiting" it'd be a waste of time, and I'm in a gunny mode tonight. So I wrote up the Swiss Advisor, and hyperlinked him to a bunch of places.
  • Having written the Chergui, I then went back and edited Mahdism to mention it - and, more than that, to start a comprehensive list of Mahdist conflicts, because I'm having a lot of trouble keeping track of which wars where when.
  • And when I was done catching the list up to the present moment, I made my last edits of the night by going back to service-based suffrage, linking it to the Burning Thirties, and then considerably expanding on why it's dysfunctional in Poland-Ruthenia.
And that was it for Thursday. What Friday will bring, I'm still not sure.

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