This week in Andalusada, 11/3/2012

So here we go...

Tuesday, 10/30/2012

Only one thing was posted today: Seadling, and the several links to it.
  • Evgeny the Old's writeup got cleaned up a bit. It incorporated the Regency that preceded him, about which I'll have to write more some day; it also found, for the first time, the term "polytechnical schools," which will also merit a page of their own someday.
  • Which in turn required me to specifically mention the Technical Censors, the most important graduates of the polytechnical schools.
And so to bed.

Wednesday, 10/31/2012

The one post of Wednesday night was Yusuf II, who was a work in progress when I left him there.
  • Seadling was expanded upon, although I know not why at this point; I think it was to fill in a line or two about Madsen guns.
  • The UCNA was expanded upon a tiny bit, mostly to change its formatting and correct a link or two.
  • Don Musa was also expanded upon a fair bit.
And once again, so to bed.

Thursday, 11/1/2012

This was a royal night, when I finally got around to introducing Don Ibrahim.
  • During the writeup of Don Ibrahim, I first coined the phrase "Caliphal Household," which is a groundbreaking thing that will totally merit its own entry on the morrow.
  • I also significantly rewrote his father, to tie him into the Caliphal Household, expand on the first Regency, and so forth.
  • In particular, I linked it back to April 5th, which in turn has been cleaned up a bit to reflect the changes I've made to history.
And once again, so to bed.

Friday, 11/2/2012

Friday's big post was early in the morning, when I wrote up the Caliphal Household itself. Other than expanding on that a bit, pretty much nothing.

It's not been a terribly productive week, except for some very big concepts and characterization of Y2.

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